How We Work

With the plethora of financial advising options, we know it can be overwhelming to understand and manage your entire financial landscape by yourself. That’s why we’re here to help. We offer both Advisory account management and Brokerage account management, and we're here to help determine which option is best for you. Our goals is to always provide the best service to suit your circumstances.



An advisory relationship is the epitome of our partnership. Under this structure, we act as fiduciaries to manage your accounts under a discretionary agreement. This allows us to place trades and make investment decisions on your behalf, and always with your goals and considerations at the forefront. Under this model, a flat fee is charged quarterly based on assets under management for the services rendered.  



A brokerage relationship is transaction-oriented. We do not place any trades or make any investment decisions without your approval. This model is commissions-based, so we only get paid when you buy or sell.


Our methodology when meeting a new client is to understand their entire situation, understand their concerns, and understand their goals. From there, we make recommendations to best utilize what is available to make the client the most comfortable. No two clients have the same situation, so no two clients receive the same recommendation.

We also offer Financial Plans, Small Business Consulting, and Insurance Consulting.